Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 1920

To-day was the opening proper of the great World’s Convention, held in Westminster Hall just across from the Abbey. Representatives were there from all the British dominions, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, and Japan. Rosalind, Countess of Carlisle, the World’s President presided. At the time of the Y.P.B. report, all workers with young people present, were brought to the platform and introduced to the Countess and to the audience. The Countess made some good wishes for my work when she took my hand. The report from New Zealand brought by Mrs. Don was very interesting. At the roll-call of Nations, when the name of Germany was called, there was silence, then the Countess rose and said she had a note from Fraulein Hoffman, the German Pres., and for financial reasons they would not be represented. The Countess urged all to remember that we were Christian women in a Christian work and we must carry no grouch but must bury all old scores. She says she “likes traditions when they are good.”

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