Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 1920

The Americans are the cause of much curiosity on the part of the crowds that fill the lobby of the Imperial Hotel. We are perfectly aware that we are in a country that holds other views than ours regarding the drink habit. Our hotel contains 1000 rooms and is built on the site where Thackery wrote Vanity Fair. We have really seen the sun peep out, so it does shine sometimes, even in London. In England on must wear the kind of smile that won’t “wash off.” To-day we went to Hampton Court, the palace of Henry VIII built by Cardinal Wolsey. We saw the royal furnishings and the beautiful grounds. A small fee, and we were privileged to see the great grape vine that furnished grapes for the whole royal family. We drove through the parks and grounds.

London is extremely easy to find one’s way about. The English “Bobby” is a model of politeness and considers nothing too much trouble, if he can assist you in getting your bearings. We have ridden a good deal on the tops of busses and trams. A ride on the Strand any afternoon is interesting. In the evening we went to Drury Lane and saw Pavlola, and carried a message to Hilda Morena, a young spanish girl, at the request of her mother in New York.

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