Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 11, 1920

This is Sunday again and if all goes well, this will be our last day on board ship. The salt water and air has been so restful. We sleep and sleep and want more sleep. Some of our party took to their state rooms the second day out and have not been in evidence since. We discover there is a psychological side to sea sickness and there is a whole lot in making up your mind not to succumb. We had a beautiful service on board to-day, in the dining room. After the breakfast is cleared away, tapestry covers are spread over the tables and the company gathers there. The Rev. Mr. Wightman of Mass. had charge. The bibles and hymn books used belong to the ship. Part of the Episcopal service was read and the scripture and hymns were all pertaining to the water. I did not realize how many passages were written in connection with the great deep. It made a wonderful impression on me. All in all, the voyage has been very good and we have experienced much less discomfort that we anticipated.


  1. I just noticed that 90 years ago it was a Sunday as well!

  2. Yeah I noticed that too - neat coincidence huh?