Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 1920

To-day we had a trip into north Wales and we stopped at Birmingham for lunch and went to the stores. We have the usual rain but nobody minds it now. Our ride to-day was fine and the scenery delightful. We will never forget the English hedge-rows. We changed cars at Chester and it was a very sudden change - called “everybody out.” We rambled over the venerable city walls, made a detour to examine the beauties of “God’s Providence House” and enjoyed the “Rows” or covered ways, which are Chester’s pride. There is a long distance from the “now,” to the time when they were fashionably in use. We had many tunnels to-day and no lights in the train as we passed through them. At every depot girls are pushing little tea-wagons filled with tea, cups and cakes and sandwiches. West of Chester it is very low and boggy. We are winding along the river and see lots of coal and smoke. At North Cliff saw a Bungalow that looked like America. We are told steam-ship rates have gone up 1/3 since we sailed. Passed through Rhyl at mouth of Clyde - a sea-side resort. We are following the coast of the Irish sea. Along the Welch coast there are beautiful homes and hotels. Passed a college for girls and the hillsides make a pretty picture. Reached Bettws-y-Coed at 6-30 P.M.

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