Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6, 1920

The day is perfect as a day in June, the sun bright and the sea calm. Slept fine and am lazy about stirring around. We have had a drill on 2nd. deck, with our Life-Savers. A freighter just passed and everybody was glad to see it. Had our pictures taken on upper deck. Had a pleasant visit with Senator and Mrs. Teasdale of Wisconsin who sit near me at table. After they reach England, they will travel independently. Had hoped to peek into the steerage but the Captain objects. Reason - all diseases on board usually break out there, and there might be danger of quarantine if anything should happen, and the whole party might be held up.

Everything is scrupulously clean. The bath steward spends all his time scrubbing, cleaning and scouring. The salt water baths are very exhilarating. We have automatic electric lights in the bath-room. When you enter and close the door, the lights come on, and go off when the door is open.

We have a lecture each day about the places we are to visit. I am still hoping, that somehow, we can go to Italy before returning. I long to see Naples, Venice and Rome. A wireless to-day says snow is raging in the middle west. Hope it does not overtake us. 380 miles traveled to-day. A little more than 1/3 of our journey over. We turn our watches on 33 minutes every night.

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