Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 7, 1920

Last night we changed our course a little, bearing northward toward Newfoundland and we soon noticed the rock of the boat. It rained during the night and this morning was still cloudy. A little “swell” was noticeable and there begins to be vacant places at the table. Still some believe with Embassador Choate “That it is better to have lunched and lost, than never to have lunched at all.”

It is suprising how soon we begin to pick up nautical terms on a sea voyage and talk like old travelers. And we are trying to learn some English terms and will try to remember that elevators are “lifts,” subways are “tubes,” a drug-store is a “chemist shop” and street-cars are “trams.”

The sun is coming out and the water is beautiful. The ship’s log says we traveled 400 miles yesterday. We have a stunt night in preparation - the crowd is divided according to birthdays etc. Made some pleasant acquaintances on board, and appreciate the library. One has such a delicious sense of idleness - just to sleep and eat and read and dream and rest - ready for the strenuous days that we know are ahead.

Can we ever forget the stunts! Mr. E. N. Grimes a bald headed farmer from Iowa, dressed to represent a May queen, and Mrs. Theressa Jenkins of Wyoming who recited a parody on Maud Muller.

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