Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday, April 23, 1920

Wrote letters in the morning and then went to the Convention. Election and short speeches from delegates from many countries. We can not attempt, in this, to give any adequate convention report. The Convention is note-worthy for its international fellowship and fine spirit of optimism. In the resolutions they declared positively for prohibition as against state purchase. There is no doubt that this convention will give great impetus to the temperance cause in Great Britain. At four o’clock we went to F.B. Meyers church which was founded by Rowland Hill, who started the S.S. movement. A tablet to him is here. It is called a free church because not under State control and is made up of all denominations. The pulpit was beautiful and made of Alabaster. From there we went to Christ church called Lincoln Spire church, which was built by money raised by Newman Hall in America and has the Stars and Stripes built in with stone. From there to Spurgeon’s church and to Picadilly Circus for dinner. Here our party of ten had the best dinner since we have been in London. We had “Diplomatic Pudding” for sweets. Back to Convention hall for evening.

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