Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Still a little more to come...

Well, yesterday's entry was the last one from Fannie's journal. I will be posting a few more images, and also what I believe is her roommate's account of the trip (it's shorter though). I also have a bit more biographical info on Fannie. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to read the journal. This has been such a fun project and I'm so happy to have been able to share it. Fannie would be amazed at how far her words have traveled! I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts - what were your favorite parts, what did you find most interesting or surprising, etc?


  1. Jennifer,

    Thank you so much for posting this, I have enjoyed it so much particularly the entries covering London from the viewpoint of a Londoner, the other parts if Britain and Europe that I have visited.

    Have you considered having this published? There is so much social history and travel journalism here so that along with the artefacts you have it could be a real success to both the academic and popular market.

    If it is published, please do ensure the book has a good index to bring out the fascinating nuggets of information and comment that Fannie provides.

    Thank you so much for the pleasure you have given me.

    Madeleine aka PixieMum

  2. Thank you, Madeleine - I'm glad you enjoyed the journal - I have enjoyed reading your comments too! I kind of feel like I've made a friend "across the pond." To answer your question, yes, I have thought about having it published, but wasn't sure where to start, or how many people would be interested in it besides myself! I thought perhaps posting it as a blog would be a way to test the waters, and I did get a pretty good response judging from the number of "hits" it's received.

  3. I didn't post any comments, but I've been reading all along. I really enjoyed this! The days when she described being so cold in unheated rooms was very enlightening and made me appreciate our modern conveniences.

    Thanks for taking the time to type it all up and scan the photos.

  4. Ditto, I haven't commented until now. I found the little snapshots of daily life so interesting - encounters with local families, descriptions of local customs, and the social dynamics aboard the ships - particularly when viewed through the lens of race and class.

    The reactions to French statuary - hilarious! Thanks for sharing all of this, it's such a fascinating history.