Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A little more background on Fannie...

Hello all, I have been meaning to post these extra bits for a while but got busy preparing for, and then going on vacation. Here is a little more info about Fannie that I dug out of my family history box. I think the photos really put the distance between Fannie's time and ours into perspective. Again, thanks all for reading! This project was a lot of fun.

Fannie's husband's obituary. From this I learned that they had a son who died in infancy. Fannie outlived F.A. by 30 years. I thought I had her obit too, but can't seem to find it. Will keep looking...

"Home of F.A. and Fannie Drummond in Coshocton, OH." I believe the people in the photo are Fannie and her husband and daughters, along with either Fannie's or F.A.'s mother.

The Drummond home in Coshocton, OH

The Drummond home in Coshocton, OH

Fannie's daughters, Helen and Edna. (Helen is my Great-Grandmother)

Fannie's daughter, Helen, as a young girl

Fannie's daughter, Helen, in 1907 at age 14

Four generations of Fannie's descendants: the baby is me (Jennifer). Next is Fannie's granddaughter, Marilyn, Fannie's daughter, Helen, and Fannie's Great-Granddaughter, Helen.

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  1. I just noticed that in F.A.'s obituary, his daughters are listed as Mrs. "name of husband" and their actual first names aren't even listed! I know that's how things were done at the time but it really annoys me that a woman was just referred to by the name of her husband, as though her own identity was irrelevant. His daughters were EDNA and HELEN, thank you very much.