Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 1920

We had a long walk to the Arch of Triumph and then to the American church and heard Chauncy Goodrich preach a simple gospel sermon, with gospel songs, closing with one verse of America and with the American flag draped all about, we breathed an atmosphere of home.

The Arch of Triumph is said to have cost over $3000 000, is 150 ft. high, 150 ft. wide and 96 ft. from the ground to the top of the arch.

Met an American woman who lived in Paris during the war who told us about the air raids and how they suffered for want of fuel. Coal was $50 a ton. We walked to the Madeline church (named for Mary Magdalene) and saw the fine carving. The Column Vendome, erected to Napoleon and made of captured cannon, is inscribed with all kinds of war implements. It is 140 ft. high with figure of Napoleon on top. It was erected in memory of his victory over Russia and Austria in 1805. Great preparations are under way for the observance of Memorial day. 500 000 francs have been raised to buy American flags to use on the graves of our soldier boys. At Aix Les Bains we met a Col. Waugh whose business it was to see that the cemeteries were well cared for etc.

We can merely touch upon the beauties of Paris.

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