Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 1920

A rainy morning but up early to go out sight seeing and get some impressions of Edinburgh before church time. Our party broke up into little groups, and one could scarcely go any direction very far without meeting some of our party coming or going. For service we went to St. Giles Church (John Knox church, Presbyterian) saw his statue and a memorial to Robert Louis Stevenson. Saw John Knox’s grave which is in the street. From there we walked to what is known as the Grey friars church or church of the Covenanters and in the yard saw the stone where the Covenanters opened a blood vessel in their wrists and signed a covenant in their own blood, rather than give up their faith and become a part of the Church of England.

After lunch the sun was shining and we walked up to the Castle, which towers above the city and adds much to its charm. Many soldiers are stationed here and we watched them marching about, some on guard duty, others strolling about, but all handsome and dignified looking in their plaids and tartans. We entered into conversation with some of them and found them very willing to answer questions. We were invited to come again on Tuesday when we would be permitted to see the Crown jewels. As we watched them, could easily see why the Germans during the late war, called them the “Ladies from Hell”.

In the evening we went to hear the story of the Pilgrim Fathers shown by slides and pictures. The pictures were good but the speaker poor.

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